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"Yvette" Hot Sauce

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Ole Lonesome - "Yvette" Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

Oh, Yvette! Carolina Reapers fill this baby up, leaving the rest of us with tears on our pillows and blues in our hearts. She's a little bit sweet but a whole lotta spicy, and Yvette ain't scared to get down and dirty with the rest of 'em. Splash her into that big ole pot of beef stew your Grammy made after Sunday service, or use her as a binder on that 13 lb. prime brisket you're going to smoke for the next 12 hours. Hell, Yvette even loves a taco just like the rest of us! BUT BEWARE: She's gonna seem like a sweetie at first, but she'll definitely light you up when she's running these streets! CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED

Heat Level: 10/10

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